Friday, September 10, 2004

Over breakfast

So this was how our morning conversation went.

Miguel: Mommy, when are we going to get a new monitor?
(for the computer)
Me: (Silent, coz it's supposed to be a birthday gift to me)
Ninang: We still have to order it. I think it costs (PhP thousands).
Will you help us buy it?
Miguel: (Excited) I can buy it. I have lots of coins
in my piggy bank!
Ninang: (Laughs)
Miguel: But I don't have enough.

Miguel: I only need one more coin.

I love this kid.


May said...

hey sandy,

this may as well be subtitled as "The Sandygirl Confessional"!
i like your transcriptions of your conversations with miguel.
kakainggit! i wanna have a kid na! A's obsessing over
us having one na rin, actually. (so, you ask, what's the problem?)

anyway, thanks for inviting me to view your blog. i have a blog
but haven't updated it in ages--i wonder if it's still there? thanks to
marlon, i also discovered livejournal. i have more entries there.

will invite you later na lang. see ya, and take care.


May said...

hey, sandygirl! please check out the pinoypoets blogspot ( i'm the featured poet kuno :P