Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Laab You (a.k.a. "Negotiation")

Miguel, with a funny accent: I laab you. Get me milk.
Me: No.
Miguel:  I laab you. Get me milk please.
Me: You already love me.
Miguel: I will laab you more.
Me: Get your own milk.
Miguel: Please please please. I laab you.
Me, sighing: Okay. I'll go down with you.
Miguel, reaching over and handing me a big teddy bear:  Beartolucci will be my ambassador while I watch TV...
Me, laughing: No! You have to go down yourself!
Miguel, losing the accent: Since you're laughing, you're gonna get me the milk, right?
Me: I'm only going to accompany you. 
Miguel:  Aw.
Me: Do you want milk or not?
Miguel:  No....yes.
Me: Let's go.