Saturday, May 09, 2015


So much has changed since I last posted, change that's mostly good, but some that is sad (let's get to that another day). But since it is Mother's Day tomorrow, I'd like to leave you with this pic from our recent trip to Batanes.

I remember telling a friend that you don't know what you're missing until you have a child. Even the dearest of friends cannot share almost every moment of your life. But a child? Here is a human being that turns your world on its end, resets the course of your life, and forms your character. Am still learning as I go along, sometimes failing miserably and at other times succeeding. But overall I'm proud to be mom to this talented, caring, sensitive young man. Yup, Happy Mother's Day to me.

There are other qualities that I love about him too, but people will say that I am bragging, so I will just leave it at that. This is my advance birthday greeting to him as well :)