Friday, March 31, 2006

Tinkle winkle

So here's Miguel after his piano recital last week with Teacher Ems. Notice the nice trophy and the big smile.

All the recitalists received simple, card-sized, glass-etched trophies. Except for my son and 3 others whose glass trophies broke. ERGO, teacher had to replace theirs with bigger ones. Compared to the other trophies, it looks as if my son won the Metropop.

He was so excited about it, he said, "I want to keep playing piano until I have 10 trophies!"

We're definitely signing up for this summer.


As requested by mama_aly, here is a new, albeit quickie post. Miguel's hair has a way of standing up every morning. Our private joke is that his hair stands up long before he does. I hope that years from now he won't mind that I posted this.

Yes, yes...I feel bad too about not posting since February; I haven't missed a month since I started this blog almost 2 years ago. And I have so many anecdotes saved up, big and small. I guess the trick is to post right away so you don't forget or get lazy. More to come, even if they're antedated.

By the way, I'm now using a MacMini so some blogger features - such as font color - are not available. Nevertheless, I love my Mac! :)

May 3, 2006: Font color solved