Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't ask

You just have to see this costume!

Since I needed more time to make his Deoxys (Pokemon) costume for the Sunday party, Miguel decided to make his own costume for Lola Perla's trick or treat party on Saturday. As he explained to ninang beforehand:

"I'm going to wear my magician costume, plus my Cable costume, plus my Superman costume. And then I'm going to hold my light saber."

Ninang: "Okay."

Miguel: "And then I'm gonna hold a sign that says Don't ask!"

It was a hit at the subdivision party! The emcee described it as "three years' worth of costumes" - so right he was - and kept on saying it was his favorite. Needless to say, Miguel won again for best costume!

The best part was, it was all his idea.


barbiegirl said...

Just saw this now. You're missing a crucial part of the conversation.

Gueli: And you know what the best part is?

Ninang: You get to wear your underwear outside your pants?

Gueli: No! I'll have a sign that says "Don't Ask."


sandygirl said...

Wahahaaha! That sounds funnier nga!