Saturday, February 04, 2006

'I want to marry her!'

Here we go again.

He's said that so many times that I can't remember how many girls he's wanted to marry. And he's only 5.

There was Claire, Nessie, Roan, Sam...
Flashback to the middle of 2005
Miguel, to Roan: Will you marry me?
Roan: No.
Samantha, overhearing: I'll marry you Miguel. friend Marmie, Ninang (arranged marriage), and my friend Jen.

Now he wants to marry Chloe, the 5-year-old daughter of my second cousin Jean. Since they live way down the street from us, you'd think that they'd be bonded. But actually they only saw each other during children's parties and infrequent visits.

Now Chloe has moved to Miguel's school, and on top of that, they're carpool mates. He's absolutely thrilled to have a regular playmate in school and at home. She seems to be excited about him too, and her mom says that Chloe regularly pesters her to pay Miguel a visit. Ever since he asked her to play SD Gundam on his PS2.

When I told Jean that Miguel liked Chloe, she was all for it. Sure. But I think that it's just too early for me to deal with this.


mama_aly said...

I got taken aback by the headline "I want to marry her!". I thought somebody else wanted to marry someone :D

sandygirl said...

Mwahahahahaha! Ika nga ni Kenny Loggins, "wait a little while" ;D