Tuesday, February 14, 2006

And the winner is...


Didn't I say that Miguel needed a new playmate?

Saturday night he had the bright idea of including Nightcrawler in a pre-bedtime game of Yu-Gi-Oh. This he said while holding a deck of cards that was 3 inches thick. He really is a master of delaying tactics. I agreed to play one game on the condition that each of us have 20 cards each in our decks - a sure way to end the game in time for bed.

It was kinda funny playing against a plastic toy. Since he was handicapped (read: inanimate) I offered to "hold" his cards for him. Miguel played as if Nightcrawler were a real opponent, reacting jubilantly every time he sent the X-man's monster to the graveyard. But then....

Nightcrawler had a Card Destruction spell up his sleeve. He threw it in towards the end of the game, when Miguel and I had already run out of monsters. So yes, dear readers, we lost. In Miguel's words "I can't believe we lost to an action figure!" And a novice action figure at that.

Must be his mutant powers at work.

So guess who was a sore loser. Tsk tsk tsk.



jen said...

oh man, i thought nightcrawler would win for sure!

mama_aly said...

I'm tired of seeing this blog each time i visit your site.... NEXT PLEASE :D