Monday, December 13, 2004

La la, it's May!

My friend May got married last week. It was a very intimate wedding, with maybe about 120 guests. Breaking from tradition, the couple dispensed with the bouquet and garter toss - a decision that we all applauded. Then they gave a few remarks towards the end of the dinner, and I quote May gushing, "This is one of the best weddings I've ever attended!" To which her new hubby replied, "Maybe because it's yours, sweetie."

Sorry May I couldn't help it, but I took Marlon through your engagement blog the following day when we were back in the office. It's just that I'm so happy for you. As I read him the entry of how you met Alcuin, he said, "Nagkita muna sa utak!" So true. A very good match, and I hope it lasts forever.

So many things went through my head on the days immediately before and after the wedding. Things like, how happy I am for you - did I say that already? - and how honored I was to be your veil sponsor. During your little speech you said that you were so happy because half the room was filled with your most favorite people in the world. (The other half, we guessed, was Alcuin's.) And I couldn't help but agree, because you are one of my favorite people in the world.

At the reception, I was with those who had known you much longer. They talked about your being masungit, and I said, maybe three or four times, that I had never known you to be so. Finally Agnes said that you had mellowed down somewhat. I coudn't help thinking that she was making an excuse on my behalf. But then again, maybe you have "mellowed down."
As if it matters to me!

Yet truth is, you really are my friend. It's easy to say that we met because of work, that we gel because we both write and paint, etc, etc, etc. But honestly, there doesn't have to be a reason.

May, you are a wondeful person, I'm so deliriously happy about you and Alcuin, and just count me into your fans' club, okay? 'Nuf said.


may said...

Yes, in most of my *** days (and some of my ****** ******** days) I would have to admit I was masungit. I have no excuse for it except that I happened to work with (and for) people whose minds I didn't really much care for (but who got the promotions anyway)--I had this tendency to get impatient with people who slowed me down (kasi nga nakakabuo ako ng copy concepts on my own--at nananakawan ako palagi ng credit ng copywriter ko--the story of my life, haha, and so i had to pretend to wait for my concept partner to contribute something--anything--before we cleared with our CD). That all changed when I got Lissa as partner, then went on to Campaigns where I finally got my self-affirmation having Butch Uy as my CD. I joined Publicis some time after that (and worked with you!). When I joined the academe, however, it somehow redefined fulfillment for me. I suppose in some odd way, I would say my old JWT friends guessed correctly (even if they were never privy to my journey)--I have mellowed down a bit. But, then again, who in advertising does not have "sungit" in them?

sandygirl said...

Me!! haha! Just kidding, you should hear about my favorite AE...teka muna I'll just text it to you, I know that some AE's or former AE's are reading this. But you're right - in this sort of business, you experience all sorts of pressure. I still remember what you said before, na marami pa akong kaning kakainin. Haay. Good thing I'm still enjoying myself. Now it's your turn to live the artistic life. Like I said, I'll join you again someday :)