Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Almost married

TV bride

Ha ha! Don't get excited just yet. No this isn't my wedding but a commercial shoot - my almost-15-minutes-of-fame as the bride. "Almost" because I was exposed for barely a second, and even so I was just a shadow in the background. By the way, the bridesmaid is Wengderwoman, a.k.a. Weng, my officemate and fellow talent. Oh well...at least I enjoyed the dressing up part.

With that I'd like to welcome the Santiagos to my blog. I posted this one for you - it's been a while since I posted pictures, and I did promise that I had some on this site. Happy reading and viewing, guys!


mama_aly said...

i never doubted that you would make a beautiful bride. it runs in the family.

may said...

hi sandy,

doubtless, you will make a very beautiful bride. at least you got to practice--not all of us are that lucky to be cast as talents, kahit body extra man lang, haha. please check out my new blog every now and then: ideasoup.blogspot.com

sandygirl said...


Yes I checked out your new blog - glad to see that you're very happy! Amazing how your mom kept house, complete with tocino and yang chow and brewed coffee. Looks like you're already into the same thing. And I think you were right to stay out of advertising this time :)

poNg said...

hallu sandy!
are you not married yet?!? wow! thats surprising. anyway, i was really amused by your cute entries. thank you for letting me into your site.