Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holy mackerel!

Got Miguel's report card yesterday, and guess what, turns out the little tyke has 2 awards!

Sheesh. If I had known sooner, I would have gotten it on time.

Pardon me for my ignorance; I'm a first time big school mom. I forgot to pick it up last March 30. No big deal, I thought; I can pick it up later. But I didn't realize that you need the last report card to enroll your kid the following year. Oops. So off I march to Ateneo the moment the registrar's office re-opens after its summer break, and...holy cow! 2 awards!

The first was the Guardian Angel award, for academic excellence. I knew that it existed, but I didn't know that he qualified for it. I always thought that you had to have perfect 100's to get that award. (Bang head against wall.) Maybe half the class got the Guardian Angel award, but still! We have to celebrate!

The second was a certificate for being "Well-Behaved and Mild-Mannered" in class. Awww. Yaya was incredulous, because she knows how raucous he - and practically everybody else for that matter - is on the bus. She couldn't believe that he was behaving in the classroom. But yes, my dear Reiza, he really is an angel in class. I've been to their room a few times, and I can say that he is very well-behaved.

Gee. Now I really have to give him an "award shelf." I'm really proud because these are things that he earned completely on his own. Like I said, half the class probably got an award as well. But it's just so great to see his efforts validated this way. Way to go kid!


mama_aly said...

congrats, miguel!

barbiegirl said...

there are 4 miguels in his class, right? di kaya nagkamali sila sa well-behaved? hahaha!

just kidding :P

congrats, gueli! you too, sis!