Thursday, January 24, 2008

Presenting Psyduck and Psyduck

Miguel's first official pets. Fished them out of Uncle Benny's pond last Saturday, with Ate Chloe. Which also marked Miguel's first official fall into the pond. It just so happened that I was trying to take pictures of the cousins together when it happened, see....

These are red swordtails, and there were 4 of them in the beginning, 2 for Miguel and 2 for Chloe. I even instructed them to name their fishes. Chloe decided to call hers "Blue" and "Goldie;" taking his cue from her, Miguel decided to call his "Bluey" and "Gold."

But on Saturday one must have jumped out and slid down into the nearby sink. And on Sunday, I found another one dead on the floor in spite of the glass cover that I placed on the fish bowl. (Cue in Chloe and Miguel arguing, "YOUR fish was the one that died!" "No, YOUR fish!")

Anyway, it all started with the acquisition of a fish tank (advance token of the Grade 1 field trip to Bio Research on January 26th), which led to the acquisition of the fish, which led to the acquisition of a bigger fishbowl, an air pump, plastic sea plants, and a canister of fish food.

Somewhere along the way Miguel changed the names from "Blue" and "Goldie" to "Psyduck" and "Psyduck." One day when he has a son, he even wants to call him "Psyduck."

He can call the fishes anything he wants, as long as he leaves my grandson out of it.

Well yesterday he arrived from the field trip with a gold fish. I suggest that we call him "Golduck."

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mama_aly said...

he was bound to fall into the up...sarina...then jyo in a couple of years.