Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Broadcasting now

Miguel has a very good piano teacher. I say this because not only has he learned to play the piano, but he loves doing it as well. I can tell too that Teacher Ems's other students enjoy playing because they keep at it year after year. It's like a mini-reunion twice a year: the same students, the same parents. Everything the same except that the kids keep growing bigger and getting better.

Playing the piano has become our ritual just before going to bed every night. I know that he finds school very stressful, but in contrast he says that piano is "relaxing." Just so he can enjoy his practice sessions even more, I encourage him to play a piece twice: first the correct way, and second any way he wants. I feel that it's a way of releasing his creativity, of which he has a lot.

He has a very playful mind, so what he'd do is mix up passages from different pieces that have similar chords. The result is an an impromptu medley. Or sometimes he'll change the notes on the right hand while keeping the left hand chords. Or keep the notes while changing the speed. All these and other stuff as well.

Well last night he tried a new trick: crossing his hands to play left notes on right hand and right notes on left hand. That's when he asked me to take a video and post it on YouTube.

So now I'm a member of YouTube. Except that this video isn't about a cris-cross performance. This is Miguel playing "Ode to Joy" with his eyes closed, just to prove that he knows it so well. The show-off...

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