Sunday, September 20, 2009

Journal 2001

Here's what happened in 2001.

January 1: Sits with support.

January 5: Sits unsupported. Sat up in the stroller.

January 7: Sat up from crawling position! 3:27 PM at Lolo Benny and Lola Perla's house. All the cousins were there to witness it!

January 13: "Ma ma!" Can pull up on his own from crawling position. Also, baby kisses mommy! More like sliming me with saliva but mommy loves it!

January 14: More pulling up and kissing.

January 15: More pulling up and kissing. Miguel is one very healthy, very happy baby.

January 16: Waves bye-bye.

January 23: Can see second set of incisors.

January 24: Upper incisors coming out.

January 31: Definitely getting his balance while standing with support. Will stand alone soon.

February 3: Baby stands for 3 seconds!

February 7: Baby stands for 5 seconds!

February 10: Photography session at home with Tita Gai and Tita Lisa. Finished 4 rolls of film or 142 shots in 1 1/2 hours.

February 11: Miguel went out with Mommy and Lola to buy first pair of shoes: Chicco size 5 (for 1-year-old)

February 12: A typical day

6:30 Wake up, play
7:15 Cook
7:45 Morning pages
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Play with Gueli
10:00 Bath - Gueli
10:30 Bath, then computer/internet - Tirbune article
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Go to SFI
1:00 Meeting with writers. Check plugs, scripts, etc.
6:30 Leave for home
7:00 Home, dress up, dinner
7:30 Gueli's bath, dinner
8:00 Sleep

February 13: Stands for 10 seconds!

February 14: Stands for 16 seconds!

February 15: Doesn't like eating cereal. Drank milk instead.

February 22: Stands for 21 seconds.

February 24: Stands for 26 seconds.

February 25: Stands for 36 seconds.

March 1: Stands for 40 seconds.

March 3: First real cold. Runny nose.

March 5: Gets better.

March 7: Still a little runny. 7th tooth out.

March 8: Daldal (talkative) morning. Go to doctor - start of an ear infection; buy 3 more medicines.

March 9: Kisses mommy upon waking up! Twice! Sweet boy!

March 10: "Clap your hands!"

March 19: First lunch out with Mommy, Ninang, Ninang and Yaya at Katre in Quezon City. Had blueberry cheesecake crust (and milk).

March 23: Photo session at Babysitter Studio with Remy Bautista. Accompanied by Mommy and Ninang and Yaya.

First swim in the pool! Swim mates are Ninang Aly, Dino, Mara, Gian, Selene, Mommy and Ninang Leslie.

March 24: Ninong Dennis's birthday party. All the cousins are playing with Miguel's toys.

March 28: 8th tooth out - lower left incisor.

April 4: 9th tooth out - upper left cuspid. Second swim in pool.

April 9: Swimming with 2 ninangs and cousins. Dinner at Lolo Benny's - happy anniversary!

April 10: Mommy can see 9th tooth now.

April 11: New vocal: "ju ju ju ju ju" Baby takes one step (right foot only) recorded on video! Swimming with cousins and Ninang and Mommy.

April 22: Landmark day. Walked 2 steps. Also learned give-and-take. Removes blocks from box one at a time.

May 22: Says "bye."

May 24: Walks unassisted. Puts blocks back in box. Says "ba-bye" while waving. Hugs a lot!


June 22: First haircut

June 28: Picks up ruler, points at letters

July 4: Pushes stroller around

July 23: A new word a day - July was the month of talking

July 26: The diarrhea but happy and active month. Fish and lugaw forever. Bananas and cereal. 2 stool tests. Words are "bite, wala na, ABC, durian." Laughs at "bite." This is the one nap a day month, asleep by 6:30pm month. Still adorable, never tired.

July 27: Visits Cradle of Joy, sees Ninang Leslie and Ate Selene.

July 29: Playtime with Sarina and Keiko at home.

July 31: Pushing furniture around.

August 1: Got toys from Ninang Aly! Miguel falls asleep on the bed on his own after drinking milk.

August 2: Eats durian after lunch :)

August 16: Took down the crib.

August 28: First sentence: "Meme na na" when I left the room.

September 1: Four new teeth!

September 5: Triangle! He gives me the cutout triangle of the foam "A" and gives a triangle block saying "triangle!"

September 12: Word for the day: "cricket"

September 15: Trina Velilla: "When I have a baby I want it to be just like him."

September 16: Word for the day: "women"

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