Friday, June 05, 2009

I had to ask

Although I thought that the Silmarillion would be too boring for Miguel, it actually reads like several Shakespearean plays - full of love, war, death, and drama.

Last night we finished the tale of Turin Turambar, who through fate and doom and a dragon's malice (amnesia included) was destined to be a curse to his family:

The next spring, Turin proposed to Niniel again, promising that if she married him he would not go into battle except to defend her or their home. Niniel agreed and they were married at midsummer. The woodmen celebrated with a feast and gave them a house in Ephel Brandir.

Unknown to the bride and groom, Niniel is actually Nienor, Turin's sister. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, when presented with such clear moral issues, as a parent I'm tempted to comment and ask questions just to make a point.

Me: Oh my gosh! Do you know what that means?

Miguel: What?

Me: Who did Turin Turambar marry?

Miguel: Niniel?

Me: And who is Niniel?

Miguel: His sister?

Me: Yeah. And why shouldn't he marry his sister?

Miguel, smiling: Because they're going to have a baby with three eyes.


Or should I say .:-o

Am loving the book, by the way! Tolkien writes so lyrically, like a grand old version of the Old Testament. It must have been more than 20 years since I last read this book!

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