Sunday, January 05, 2014

Mother & son from hell

Yep, that's what I feel like. Did you think I was going to write about another pair? Really, when have you ever known me to bitch like that?

All right, so we all have our bad days. We also have our worse days. So yesterday what started out as a great day ended as a horrible day.

Who do I blame? What do I blame? What does it matter? I've hit rock-bottom and the only way is up, right?

When I look back at the past entries of this blog I see how close I used to be with Miguel. Now it's as if he can't stand me. Well not always, but a lot of the times.

My mom reminds me that he is undergoing puberty. Okay he does need his space. But I just cannot stand it when he acts up on me. I won't go further than that, for his sake. And I know that I'm no angel either, that much I will say. Like I said, the mother and son from hell.

Yesterday was just a minor meltdown. At least I'll give us some cedit for reigning it in. But when life gets this messy between us I ask myself, again, where have I gone wrong?

Well it's not too late. I'm just depressed I guess. Trying to hold up both halves of the sky and miserably failing. So off I go to get a long-overdue haircut, maybe a manicure. Try to cool off, and regain some perspective, and try to believe that somewhere inside him is the sweet boy who used to love mommy so much.

I'd like to see him again sometime.

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