Friday, May 20, 2005

Action figure as art

Let me tell you about Miguel's latest art attack.

One night he comes into the bedroom with a bond-sized piece of cardboard.

"What are you doing?" I ask.
"I'm going to make an art attack."

He asks for the tape and colored glue.

"Where's Spiderman?" he adds.
"But hon, if you put him on the art attack you won't get to play
with him anymore!"

He rummages in the drawer for Spiderman anyway. Then he starts taping the action figure to a bond paper mounted on the cardboard. It looks like Spiderman is being strapped onto a gurney and is about to receive a lethal injection. I comment that it looks like a medieval torture device, like one used in the Inquisition. Should I be worried?

He starts singing a theme to himself. As if life were a movie, and he's just providing the soundtrack. He does this a lot when he plays, and more often than not the tune comes from our national anthem. No kidding.

After opening all the caps of the glue bottles, I decide to go for my shower, just as I planned. When I come out about 20 minutes later Spiderman is covered with tape and glue, with matching glue and marker drawings in the background - not to mention on Miguel's shirt. Thus ends Spiderman's long and colorful career as an action figure.

The following day the art attack is proudly displayed on our inside bedroom door:

title or description

If you look closely you will see a red marker drawing of someone "attacking" Spiderman on his left. So whaddya think- should I be worried?


mama_aly said...

well, spiderman's supposed to be the good guy... baka ayaw niyang maging good guy pag laki... hehehehehehehehe ...

may said...

wahahaha. nagmana sa mommy. paglaki ni miguel, conceptual artist. 15 years from now, 13 artists ng ccp. naks!

may said...

btw, reading through your post, i could "hear" your voice. write ka na ng story!

sandygirl said...

hay naku may, that's what i like about you - always encouraging. actually i'm really missing out on that kind of creativity right now. i just might do that.

freckle-face said...

hi sandy! just went through your blog and this one about spiderman is really super hilarious. arianna and i are almost rolling on the floor laughing!!! :D

sandygirl said...

mwahahahaha! oo nga, my son has the makings of a great villain! btw last week spiderman got a new lease on life. miguel needed an opponent for his plastic gecko and spidey was THE MAN. the adventure continues! :)