Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monsterpiece theater

Bedtime conversation:
MIGUEL, WITH DRAMATIC FLAIR: Once there was a prince and princess who lived in a castle full of monsters. Monsters in the closet! Ghosts under the bed! Bats in the school bus! Vampires coming out of the toilet! Then pirates and robbers attacked them.

ME: And then? Who won?

MIGUEL: The pirates and robbers and monsters and ghosts and bats and vampires.

ME: Aw, Migueli, you ought to end it better. I like the way it starts, but I don't think that people are going like a story where the prince and princess lose.

MIGUEL: Then the fairies came and attacked the monsters and ghosts and bats and vampires. The end.

The end indeed.


may said...

hay naku, sandygirl. you've just disneyfied miguel's ending.

sandygirl said...

aaaargh! i know you're right, but it just bothers me that in his stories and battles the good guys always DIE. did you see what he did to spiderman? gee. i'm hoping that boys are really just like that.

sandygirl said...

oh btw did you see how he did his enumeration in the beginning? that was totally spontaneous, and he said it so much feeling. i must say that it's VERY good (proud mom)

angtagulan said...

oh, dont worry i was like that when i was a kid... i still do even today. harrk! im scaring you.

maybe you should try giving miguel the "which revenge of the sith character are you." quiz and if for some reason he ends up as anakin or darth vader do something. ;) joking. miguel's story is pretty cool though, can he tell me some of his bedtime stories?