Friday, June 10, 2005


No, that's not a greeting. That's the shout of a yellow-belter.

Yes, Miguel is a "yellow belt" now! He informed me about it last Friday, and I knew then Ninang had gotten the word from Teacher Gina. He took the promotion test last May 29, along with 2,000 other students it seems. We were very confident, and Teacher Gina was so encouraging. He practiced his routine at home several times a day, with or without any prompting. Though he started taking taekwondo classes in July 2004, it was only during summer that the serious training kicked in - 3 times a week for 2 months.

It gave him a lot of self-esteem, especially since mommy, ninang, ninong and lola were always praising him every time he did a routine. Well, forget about the axe kick he did on mommy's face one night as she was about to go out on a date - it was an accident, sorta, and he didn't get away with it anyway.

So here are the pictures from the promotion test taken by the proud stage mommy. What can I say - kids really look cute in uniform :)

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may said... fast time flies. pretty soon he'll be the one going out on a date, haha.