Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Scene: Dining room. Miguel approaches my bro as he eats his dinner. My mom and my future sis-in-law look on.

Miguel, like he's up to no good: Mommy, stand here behind Ninong.
(As if Dennis doesn't hear. I oblige anyway, standing behind him with my index finger at the ready.)

Miguel, giggling: Ninong, close your eyes.
(Ninong closes his eyes.)

Miguel, singing a bit out of tune: Eng, eng eng eng eng eng eng eng...eng eng eng eng eng eng eng.
(Ninong starts to laugh; the ancient song brings back childhood memories.)

Miguel: Mommy, touch Ninong now!

Me: Miguel, he's not supposed to know.

Miguel, to Ninong: Ninong, close your eyes! Eng, eng eng eng eng eng eng eng...eng eng eng eng eng eng eng.

(We're all suppressing our laughter as Miguel grabs my arm so that I brush my finger on Ninong's shoulder.)

Miguel, squealing: Who touched you?

Ninong: YOU!

Miguel, collaspsing with laughter: No, it was mommy!
(My bro grabs him and hugs him.)

Epilogue: Miguel does the same Eng Eng Game to Essie and Lola, each time a helpless bundle of giggles. And you know what? NOBODY guesses that it was ME poking them in the back! What are the chances?

Disclaimer: Post might be incomprehensible if you are not a Sulit. For a free demo, see my son. Batteries not included.


may said...

Oh, of course they know it's you. They just prefer Miguel to have been it, than you. :P

mama_aly said...

So graphic! I can hear it. But then again, I'm a Sulit.

sandygirl said...

to may - Ya, I must admit he is much cuter than I am. When you're 5 you can get away with MURDER :D

to mama_aly - Hehe. Ikaw na lang ang mag-explain kung paano nagsimula yung "eng eng" na 'yan. Pass the torch I say! Long live the "eng eng" generation! :)

may said...

sa eng eng eng pa lang i can tell it's the w-----g march!

sandygirl said...

Hahaha! Good one! Spoken like a true romantic but sorry that's not it :) It's this ridiculous tune some family friend made up when we were kids. I'll have Miguel demonstrate it to you someday, promise! Even if I finally figure out how to post audio on this blog for free.

poNg said...

hmmm? i wonder how these jokes get around?? when i was a kid i used to do this joke too. now i am witnessing my little sister doing it. after sometime i saw my little sister's friends do it and yes, i've seen other kids do it!

damn. how do these jokes get around? hahaha! ;)

sandygirl said...

Actually you're right poNg - the game is quite common. What's unique to our family is the song. If you can teach me how to upload an audio file to Blogger for free, I will have Miguel (or mama_aly) record it for all :)

poNg said...

... and yes, i have an answer to that my dear sandy. you can either try going online to search for a JAVA tool that will enable you to play sounds in your web page or you can simply use the HTML tags that i am using. it has two versions. the first one is...



"EMBED SRC=your_file AUTOSTART=true HIDDEN=true LOOP=1"
EMBED SRC supports midi, wav, au and aiff sound formats. the width and the height is for the sound bar but if you do the hidden=true thing the browser will not display the sound bar. this tag, embed src, is originally for netscape but i think higher version browsers will suppot it.
if that does not work you can try this tag.

BGSOUND SRC=your_file LOOP=1

same thing applies. im not sure about this but i think this only supports midi files only.

and o before i forget, your sound file must be saved in the web. you can use your free yahoo geocities for this. do not forget to include the url of your sound file on the src,

and oh, replace the " " with a < >

miss ya!

sandygirl said...

poNg, isa kang henyo! Thanks a lot; I knew you would know what to do. Will check out geocities first, and do a trial post. I will see mama_aly over the weekend and will hopefully get a recording =)

And keep posting as well. I'll include a link to your blog if you don't mind ;)

angtagulan said...

oooooOoohh. sure you may. you know sandy, one time i was at katipunan eating at kfc and for some strange reason i suddenly realized that i miss you when i saw the chicken on my ceasar salad. funny.

sana magkita uli tayo. har! ;)

sandygirl said...