Monday, June 27, 2005

This is how we play

If you weren't a parent you'd think that my son gets the most preposterous ideas. But honestly, last Saturday when he motioned towards my bed and said, "let's make a tent," who was I to say no? Shame on me as an artist if I say that it can't be done. And shame on me as a mom if I say that I' m too lazy. Therefore:

1 can of ribbons + Miguel's blanket + assorted plush toys =


Take note of the joey on top, but don't ask me what it's there for. In the bottom picture there's a can in front of him containing a paper with orange markings. That's the "campfire." We've already roasted and eaten Bugs Bunny - plus 4 beetles.

That's the nice thing about kids - you just don't know what to expect.

The next day, I left him playing with Ninang while I transferred files on the computer. 30 minutes later my sister calls me to "come quick!" because

title title

My sister looked even funnier with 6 cards stuck on her face. They were playing "higher, higher," where you and an opponent each stick a card on your forehead and guess which of you has the higher card. Well it became a card-sticking contest. His face was so oily know what I mean. I was kind enough to spare my sis from the cam :)

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mama_aly said...

Then of course, there's the good old ENG ENG ENG ENG ENG ENG ENG GAME. Try explaining the mechanics to that.