Monday, April 17, 2006

It was his idea

Thank God my son loves taking baths. Although he sometimes protests when I announce that it's time for him to hit the shower, 99% of the time he takes his sweet time because he's too busy playing.

One of his favorite "games" is making funny hairstyles, and yesterday he coudn't wait to show me how high his hair can go. Hmm, looks like he's overdue for a haircut.

Now tell me, didn't you use to do that when you were a kid?

I really hope that he doesn't mind that I posted this, when he's all grown up.

And by the way, I really feel so much pressure to post regularly, now that I know that mama aly is checking out my blog every day. Sort of like a Pinoy Big Cousin :)

Oh yeah. Notice the sliver of soap meticulously attached to the bigger bar of soap ;D


mama_aly said...

Thank you for taking your TASK of blogging seriously. If you do this religiously for 100 days I will give 100 pesos to your favorite charity.

Pinoy Big Cousin

sandygirl said...

Har har! I just might do that! Let's include barbiegirl as well :)

Jun Asis said...

May I add to the pressure? Ever since I've found Alymama's blog, I've been keeping tabs on her and her links. Not that I'm giving you 100 pesos if you do. I'll just link to you from my site. God bless.

mama_aly said...


sandygirl said...

Thanks for the link Jun! Am trying to meet her challenge, as you can see.