Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Hmmm.  Should I go to badminton today?  Since time immemorial my officemates have been pestering me to join them because of all the cute, eligible guys playing there.  But today, today, they want me to go because rich, intelligent, funny, wise-cracking, thirtysomething widower is going to be playing too.  Really now. 


Anonymous said...

Ooh! So didja get to badminton some 30-something-widower's fancy? :D


sandygirl said...

Hahaha! You will be so disappointed in me, I didn't go. Alice and Rey are my bugaw's, and I appreciate it that they believe in me. But really, they put on so much PRESSURE! I'm so shy, I close up like a makahiya - ngyark! Promised to join them some other time.