Wednesday, July 07, 2004

It's a voyeur's world

So why blog? It's like a virus slowly creeping across the office. Only recently have I discovered blogs, and to my surprise some of them are quite good. But like I told Alice, these blogs have made us a bunch of voyeurs, feeding curiously on the private lives of the people we know. Yet deep inside we feel that we too deserve attention from others, that we deserve to be indulged. Perhaps there's something to be said of a healthy self-esteem. That here I am presenting my "face" and I'm not ashamed of it. Hubris. And while it bothers me to some degree that anyone can just get into my head through this blog, I have to admit that I feel that there's a lot going on in there, and that some of that stuff might deserve a venue for expression.

Then of course there's this sort of unspoken contract between bloggers. That "you read my blog, and I'll read yours." Or perhaps I just don't want to be a voyeur anymore. So I'd like to thank all the bloggers for sharing their thoughts; some of them are quite wonderful. Here are mine in return. Blog on.

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