Thursday, August 05, 2004

It takes a village to make a woman...


Hot pink cocktail dress by Sandy. Wicked 4-inch stilettoes by Tetchie. Gorgeous dangling earrings by Marge. Luminous pink wrap by Lisa.

Well, maybe I'll doff the wrap. Bare it if you can.

My friend Susan's getting married this Saturday, and as you must know, attending a wedding is a big production number. Preparations started as early as last week, when I had my dress altered - a few inches smaller all around, yahoo! Since then so many people have been giving advice and offering their treasures. Peachy had me try on a beautiful Cynthia Rowley dress, but I am still too thin for it.

My only problem is that the black shoes don't really go with the hot pink dress, but the shoes are just too cool to pass up. Unless I find a pair later, if I have time. Now my only problem is how to fix up my hair since I have such glam earrings. Really, being a woman is such work.

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