Monday, October 04, 2004

The life and loves of Gueli S

So went got into the elevator after church, and there's this pretty 2-year-old blonde in a stroller right in front of Miguel. He's babbbling and doesn't see her right away, but I know that it's just a matter of time.

Miguel, seeing the girl: You're so pretty (SINGING MODE) I loooove you!
Miguel, to me: I said I love you.

Amazingly the girl's mother and father are deaf to all this, while all the Pinoys in the elevator are smiling. The couple pulls out of the elevator as the doors open.

Me: Why did you say I love you?
Miguel: Because her hair is pretty. Her hair is blonde, just like Nessie.

At this point the other passengers in the elevator laugh. So do we. The doors open again and we get out.

See, that's my son. So amorous. I'm not so worried about his so-called love life because I know that he's put me on a pedestal and he says that he loves me better than cheese (oh, now it's piyaya). But then let's consider his past "girl friends," and remember that he's only four:

1. Claire Agaton, a latecomer to his Junior Nursery class last year. When she entered his pre-school in August 2003, his nanny told me about his newfound affection. I witnessed it later on when, as I was driving him to school one day, we came upon Claire walking to school with her nanny. So I offered them a ride, and Miguel was all kilig at the prospect of sitting beside her! He actually shook with excitement and proceeded to caress her arm. Later on he followed her into the waiting area of the school, and a couple of hugs and kisses ensued. We were all laughing our heads off.

Me: Why do you love Claire?
Miguel: Because she beautiful! And powerful.
Me: What's her power?
Miguel: Hugs and kisses and I love you!

2. Nessie Farrad, another latecomer to his Junior Nursery class. Barely three, Nessie has a beautiful Filipina mom and an Australian father. She was an instant favorite because of her dark blonde hair. Miguel's affection for her was well known, and Teacher Gwit made it a point to always seat them together. Nessie's mom and I even developed a friendly acquaintance. Miguel was invited to Nessie's 3rd birthday party last summer. Upon meeting him, Nessie's dad gave him a terse, "So you're Miguel." His fame precedes him.

Now that he's in Senior Nursery, he's getting the hang of having girl friends. Tops among them are Alexene and Inabang, but that changes from time to time. He has his taekwondo friends too, but the bonds are not yet that strong - as in, we don't do house visits just yet.

I have to say though, that of all the girls in his life, his most favorite is cousin Sarina. She's 2 years older than him, and she always tries to push him around. But since my son is a different kind of animal, he always manages to get her goat. Well, their love-hate relationship has mellowed of late, and they're slowly becoming best of friends.

So here's to love, and here's to friendship.

And by the way, I've already told Migueli that he can only have a girlfriend when he's ready to get married.

(Duh, so does that apply to me too? Gee.)

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