Thursday, October 21, 2004

Show and tell

Let me tell you about the time that I forgot to get Miguel a show-and-tell item.

Well, what can I say? I forgot. Last Sunday I was asking my sis what object Miguel can bring for show-and-tell - it had to be from Korea. She suggested that I drop by the Korean store, and buy a snack. But on our usual trip to my uncle's house I just totally forgot.

Come Monday, the nanny tells me that Miguel went out of his classroom crying. He approached her and asked, whispering, if he had his assignment. She wasn't even aware that there was an assignment, because it was just texted to me - Miguel had left behind his assignment notebook the previous Friday.

The teacher's assistant tried to reassure him by getting some Korean chips from his classmate and saying that they were actually his. But Miguel knew that they we didn't buy them and wouldn't accept them.

Yes, there are days like that too. Broke my heart when I found out that night when I came home. Even these little things like Korean snacks for show and tell - you can't take them for granted.

Two nights later we were accompanying Ninang around the neighborhood and passed by the Korean store. I wanted to make it up to him by buying something, even though it was late. But by the time we had pulled into the parking lot, he strongly insisted that "we don't have to buy anything any more." I was really surprised, like I was wondering if I had scarred him for life or something.



You really can't take anything for granted with your kids. Remember that. He's just so precious to me, I don't want to disappoint him because of my stupidity.

Tried to make up for it by making him a bird costume for Jacob's birthday party today. Will find out later how that turned out. Will also take the day off tomorrow, to make up for all the shooting days and late nights. So ciao for now.


may said...

this broke my heart. reminds me of the story my friend told me about his
3-year- old daughter. his daughter had wanted one of those hello kitty happy meal prizes so she tells him to bring one home. he was rushing off to work
one morning when she made this request and so to get away he absently promises to bring home one. he completely forgets about it, or maybe
because he wasn't even serious when he made the promise in the first place
so he goes home without the happy meal. when he saw his daughter waiting
by the gate he knew something was amiss. he completely felt like a dope
when he was reminded by his wife that he'd promised to bring home hello
kitty and all day his daughter had been so excited about it.

sandygirl said...

Tama na. Baka umiyak pa ako. Deadly talaga yung show-and-tell na 'yan. Now I think that I'M the one scarred for life. Did spend the entire weekend with him, and I'm proud to say that we made a heck of a halloween costume for his early trick-or-treating last Sunday. But will watch out for the next show-and-tell! :)

poNg said...

aaawwwwwwwh! a lucky son and a loving mother. very touching entry. damn! now im triple thinking of reconsidering my plans of not having a child.