Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Yesterday I was slumped on Miguel's bed, looking glum while he played nearby.

Me: I'm sorry Miguel, I don't feel so good right now.
Miguel: Why?
Me, thinking fast: Because I had a misunderstanding with my friend and it's bothering me.
Miguel: What's a misunderstanding?
Me: It's when you don't understand each other.

He comes over and kisses me. I smile.

Me: Aw, are you trying to cheer me up? (He nods) Thank you Miguel.

I go back to my thoughts. Miguel glances at me, gets a pad of paper from the drawer and asks if he can use it. Sure, I say. A few minutes later he comes to me with a drawing.

Me: What is it?
Miguel: It's a happy ship.

Sure enough instead of the usual jolly roger, there's a smiling face on the flag atop the mast. (jpeg to follow) I smile again and give him a hug. Then he starts writing some gibberish on the pad. He fills it up.

Miguel, handing me the pad: Read it.
Me: What does it say? (I try to hand it back) Tell me.
Miguel: No, you tell me. Just whatever you want it to say.

A bit flustered, I start.

Me: "Mommy, do not feel so sad. I am always here with you."
Miguel: Yes, yes!
Me, smiling: "I love you very much."
Miguel: That's right.
Me, grinning: "You are more beautiful than beautiful."
Miguel: Yes.
Me: "And... (getting ready to grab him) let's play wrestling!"
Miguel: Wrong!
Me: Huh?
Miguel: "Let's eat dinner!"
Me, laughing: Okay!

(For Monday, July 18, 2005, 11:12 AM)


Anonymous said...
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Hilton's Haven said...

Thank you for reminding the world how wonderful children can be, somehow that message gets lost too often.

sandygirl said...

These comment spammers are getting sophisticated. The previous comment which I already deleted went like this:

Wow, what a great blog you've put together here! I've went ahead and bookmarked it for future reference. Hope that's okay with you. ;-)

I have a __________ website. It's pretty much all about __________ information.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Pathetic attempt. No spammer is going to get any link or advertising in my blog.

Anonymous said...
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sandygirl said...

Thanks for dropping by, hilton'shaven! =)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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may said...

(fyi: you can actually configure your blog to pre-screen comments.)

i love this entry! waaah, gusto ko nang magkaanak!!! sa'n mo ba inorder yang anak mo? magpapareserve na rin ako ng ganun--eksaktong specs, except lang kulay--medyo "tanned" kasi ang asawa ko ;P

btw, hope you're okay na as you are reading this.

sandygirl said...

thanks may, i'm okay. this was an earlier entry that i finished only yesterday. happy to say that the misunderstanding was perfectly ironed out :)

i've always called miguel a "boy and a half," but yes, parenting has A LOT of benefits!

poNg said...

you know sandy, you make me feel that its not scary to have kids. thank you. but first i must find a lady that will give me one! HAHA!

and oh, i noticed that theres a lot od deleted comments here. nakakainis mga spam comment noh? bwisit. hehe.