Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"You are invited to view an album"

So I open my email and see that I have another Yahoo!Photos invitation from my shutter-happy friends. Yipee, more pictures! I don't go to all of my friends' gimmicks, but who doesn't enjoy receiving photos? To be honest they meet up so often it's impossible for me to keep up. It's as if they were all joined at the hip - all 20-plus of them. But I knew that Gueli and I were present at my friend's garage sale-cum-ukay-ukay, also known as a "garukay." So I click on the link, and out of the 29 photos, Miguel has just this one close-up with his Tita Binky.


So now it's forever etched in their memories...and yours.


poNg said...

oh! nice picture!
hmmm? maybe i should try those new high-megapixel digi-cams. i had too much time with film photography.

OmiGOD! miguel's face is stuck in my head! damn! arghHhh! the power of photography!!!! arghhhHHh! hehhehe. ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
poNg said...

ang wierd naman nitong anonymous comment na ito. ang mahal pa! mga walang social life lang naman ung papatol dyan e.

sandygirl said...

Yup, really weird. These people are desperate to get attention. Deleted it na :)