Monday, October 03, 2005

Miguel has a new game

It's called "hit the monkey." Can anybody guess how it's played?


a_happy_little_girl said...

you have to hit the monkeys until they fall??
~ Arianna

sandygirl said...

Omigosh! You got it!! Although in Miguel's case he hit AND kicked those monkeys (and one dinosaur) until he actually got them down.

poNg said...

darn too bad! you already told us how to play it right. i was thinking that its played like this—you bring out a wooden stick and beat the monkeys till they're dead and you win a free trip to singapore. haha!

sandygirl said...

oh yeah! but in that version you get picked up by the police at Changi international airport and get deported to Manila because you're on the international monkey terrorist watchlist. har har!