Monday, January 16, 2006


Last Sunday there were too many children in Miguel's Sunday School class, so the boys were made to go to a different room. The girls were left behind. He didn't understand why the girls had to be left behind.

Me: It's better to move the boys than the girls because boys are stronger. You have to be a gentleman.

Miguel: I don't want to be a gentleman.

Me: You mean that if you are in a train and you are sitting down and there is no other seat left, you will not give your seat to a girl?

Miguel: I want to stay in my seat.

Me, thinking fast: What if you are an adult and mommy is a lola, and we are in a train and there is only one seat? Will you let me sit down?

Miguel: I will let you sit down

(I smile)

Miguel: ...and I will sit in your lap.

Me, appalled: But Miguel, you're an adult! You will not sit on my lap as an adult, will you?

Miguel: Then I will sit down, and YOU will be the one to sit in my lap.



mama_aly said...

looks like "gentleman" training will take several semesters.

O said...

You women always want it easy huh? Well, looks like Miguel is giving chivalry a run for its money! Equality among genders! Haha. That was one funny story Sandy.

freckle-face said...

cute!! i'll ask roque the same question and check out what he'll say... :)

poNg said...

HAHAHAHHAhhahahaahaahahaha! sometimes i wonder why kids say the darnest thing! hahahhhaha! its so funny. kids can really make you laugh. :D

har, thanks for the laughs. i needed it, my thesis is killing me right now.